Phase 5

FPCF in a post-vaccine world.

What is Phase 5?

Phase 5 represents the final phase of transition ministry and a return to most basic functions of the church.

What will enable us to transition to Phase 5?

Three things.

  • First, a successful vaccine is in wide distribution.

  • Second, there are nearly zero new infections (weekly average) in our region. 

  • Finally, the Session authorizes by vote a transition to Phase 4.

When will Phase 5 begin?


What will happen during Phase 5?
  • All aspects of mission, ministry, and worship of the First Presbyterian Church and Gerholz Christian Counseling Center would resume in pre-virus practice.

  • Livestreamed worship will continue to be offered as a service of pastoral care to the sick and those unable to attend in person.

  • Daily Prayer would continue to be offered in the mornings.

  • Neighborhood Breakfast: returns to cafeteria-style service.

Will we worship in-person during Phase 5?


How long do we expect Phase 5 to last?

N/A. After Phase 5 has been reached, the "Transition 312" plan is completed.