Phase 1

Simple, exploratory, limited.

What is Phase 1?

Phase 1 is the first phase of transition ministry at the First Presbyterian Church of Flint.


This phase roughly correlates to the early parts of Phase 4: Improving of the “2020 MI Safe Start Plan.”

What will enable us to transition to Phase 1?

Two things.


  • First, the lifting of the “Safer at Home” executive order, or an amendment of it that will permit businesses and offices to reopen.

  • Second, the Session voting to authorize the transition to Phase 1 to begin.

When will Phase 1 begin?

Likely not earlier than June 12, 2020 as that is when the current executive order is scheduled to be lifted.

What will happen during Phase 1?
  • Church Building: Closed to the public.

  • Support/Program Staff: back to work in-office on M-T-W of each week.

  • Cleaning/Maintenance Staff: work Th-Fr-Sa of each week.

  • Gerholz Center Staff: back to work in-office M-T-W of each week.

  • Worship: No changes, livestream only.

  • Daily Prayer: No changes, livestream only. 

  • Neighborhood Breakfast: No changes, take-out only.

  • Community Ministry: No changes, services not offered at this time.

  • Session Meetings: TBD.

  • Trustee Meetings: TBD.

  • Bible Studies: No changes, not in-person at the church.

Will we worship in-person during Phase 1?

No. During this phase, we will be observing the spread of the virus in our region as more and more businesses reopen and more people are moving about.


We will continue to "gather" online on Sundays via our Liturgy livestream and on Mondays-Thursdays via our Morning Prayer livestream. 

How long do we expect Phase 1 to last?

Approximately 30 days.

What evidence are we looking for to indicate Phase 1 will end?
  • 30 days have passed since Phase 1 began.

  • Continuous decline in the number of infections (10 out of 14 days) observed in our region. 

  • Presbytery of Lake Huron provides advisory opinions that would permit smaller groups to gather publicly for meetings/prayer.

  • Genesee County Health Department provides advisory opinions that would allow smaller groups (10-25 persons) to gather safely.